Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This young man wanted fullness in his right chest removed. As you can see in the photos his case was “mild” compared to most but it’s also very real. These photos are taken 4 months after his gyno surgery treatment and you can appreciate the larger mass on his right side that you wouldn’t have guessed in a million years was present.

This is not uncommon. Some cases appear quite normal to most friends and family but the patient is adamant that it is there and they want it gone. In his case he asked for treatment only on his right side but I knew treatment on BOTH sides would be needed in order for the result to be smooth, even and symmetrical.

He developed some scar tissue after several weeks from his treatment but he new well he had to work it out or “beat it out” or there is the risk for permanent scar tissue. Rolling, finger massage, or mechanical massage devices are used to work the scar tissue over time (daily, 20 minutes a pop, two to three times a day until it’s gone). Steroids are sometimes needed to help things along.

As I have educated many, I got the treatment down pretty darn well at the AGC. I worry when you go home, out of my control that things can go sour (never terrible but I want it perfect). Follow my post treatment instructions during your recovery so you obtain the very best result. His head is clear—he lives on the lake without a shirt and feels the mojo every day without the burden of gynecomastia. Living the dream!