Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

These photos are 1 day after gynecomastia surgery treatment with removal of a large fibroglandular mass in a man who had very wide areolas and very female like breasts. Note he has NO bruising. I can’t explain this except for good luck. I did not want to reduce the size of his areolas at the same time I did this big mastectomy because I don’t think he needs it as they will shrink during the healing process and making them small at the same time puts him at significant risk of necrosis/death of the areolas because of vascular compromise. He can always return after a year for a donut reduction of the areola size with the risk of a poor scar (particularly on people of color). I suspect he will be perfectly fine and I am very happy and excited for him personally as I believe his gynecomastia has taken a significant mental toll on him that I hope he can recover from.