Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This is a really informative surgery for gynecomastia case. This young man has small female like breasts that are also saggy. The skin of his chest isn’t great. Weight loss alone can’t explain why he has laxity of the chest tissue as he didn’t lose that much weight. Nevertheless, it is what it is.

Impressive skin retraction in the first days after gynecomastia surgery. Click the image to see an expanded view.

What to do in his case? Do I remove skin with scars on his chest? Do I try to take up the excess skin with an incision around the entire areola? Or, do I just offer him my standard, non-skin removal treatment and hope that his skin will retract well?

If there is anything that I have learned by performing thousands of gynecomastia cases is that the there are many gynecomastia patients who I would have thought would need skin removal but I learned they didn’t. It takes some time but with experience I am better able to judge who will do well without skin removal.

In his case he sent me photos of his progress and you can see the gradual but very real retraction of his skin. Thanks to him for sharing this journey with the world and helping countless gynecomastia patients know that it’s entirely possible that they don’t need skin removal treatment with large, permanent scars on their chest. I am most disappointed when I get an online consultation from a patient who had previous skin removal gynecomastia treatment when they clearly didn’t need skin removal. I can’t take those scars away. And for the record, I rarely offer patients treatment of skin laxity with an incision only areola to offer a “lift” with limited scars. It rarely works and then your areolas look like pizza pies and there isn’t much I can do to help.