Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

The case of gynecomastia treatment surgery in Zone 1 certainly isn’t full of drama. He has some fullness around the area of his nipple areola complexes. It’s probably something that most people can live with but in his case it wasn’t something that he felt comfortable doing. Maybe it was more obvious when he wore shirts and you can see pointy nipples and a bit more projection of his chest than normal. Maybe he simply was able to “feel” the glandular tissue and then it got into his head and he couldn’t let it go.

Either way, he is seen here after about 9 months after treatment. You can certainly appreciate smaller, darker areolas on frontal view and a better definition of his muscle outline (boomerang shaped). On side and oblique views, you can see the flattening of the area with less projection.

What I did do for this young man is reduce the size of his nipples as a secondary procedure (in my office with local anesthesia). Sometimes the removal of all the tissue doesn’t flatten the nipple as much and some patients would prefer and a simple procedure to make it smaller is in order so your liberation is 100%!