Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This young man had taken hormones for body building and developed large gyno glands that were painful and mentally debilitating. He is seen here 6 months after his surgery for gynecomastia including the complete removal of large glandular masses.

Removal of glandular material from body builders is challenging and bloody. Check out my videos and you will see firsthand how difficult these cases can be. The gland is often stuck like glue to the surrounding tissues and removing large, stuck gland through an incision the size of your fingertip requires skill and experience.

His result is quite good. Even with flexion of his chest muscles there is only minimal evidence that something is different. He is very happy and I suggest this is an outstanding result from this procedure. I am ready to tell the word of gynecomastia that Body Building Gynecomastia is the most challenging form of gynecomastia that I am privileged to manage. They are demanding procedures with little to no room for error. It’s an “on the fly” operation always keeping in mind options/techniques to ensure a smooth, masculine result in men who are very aware of the minute details of their bodies.