Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This patient is about 4 months out from his gynecomastia treatment at the AGC. You can clearly see that he had an unusual shape to his chest area with bulging in all 4 Zones, sagging of his chest and wide areolas.

He is from out of town. I reached out to him one Sunday while working in my office because I needed to know how he is doing so I can learn. What can be achieved with such a unique looking chest like his? How does his skin retract after my “standard” treatment seen in most of my gynecomastia videos? Is he doing better in his head? Was the recovery complicated or hard in any way? Would he do this again? Would he recommend treatment to others?

The answers to these questions are all in the positive. He is doing just fine. He was happy to hear from me. He says he is doing much better mentally and that he loves to wear Polo shirts and that many of his friends and family have commented on how different he looks. He says that he has some minor issues with some scar tissue but overall things couldn’t be better.

I learn by doing. I only learn by obtaining follow up with my patients. This can be a humbling experience for sure but I can tell you that most patients that I reach out to are doing quite well and very pleased with their results. Many don’t even remember what they used to look like so when I email them their pre-operative photos they are astounded by the changes and even more grateful! This is not to say that everyone is happy. I do have others who have some scar tissue or other relatively modest issues that I help manage the best way possible so they too can be as happy as possible. This is the nature of surgery. This is the difference in patients and how they heal. This is reality. I learn by doing and follow up is critical to the learning process. Thanks to all my patients who have helped me be the best I can for the patients of the future.