Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This patient is 1 day after his treatment for gynecomastia with surgery. I post these “one day post op” gynecomastia surgery before and after photos for several reasons. As you can see, there is an immediate result. Gynecomastia treatment isn’t about waiting to see the result – it’s pretty much an instant change that gets even better with time. This is important because the most common cause of “recurrence” that I see was undertreatment and not actual recurrence. When you remove all the tissue it certainly is less likely that it can recur. Leaving tissue so you don’t have a depression, donut deformity or contour deformity is just not an issue in my experience. Get it right and remove all the tissue.

Notice there isn’t much bruising either. Swelling is modest. Since this is a smaller case up front in Zone 1 patients really don’t even need to take narcotics- Motrin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications work just fine. Gynecomastia surgery recovery isn’t weeks as some have heard, it’s actually a day or two max. Sure you are going to feel it but it’s like a big chest workout and it’s sore.

I have learned after thousands of cases that the healing process once I’m done with my job isn’t always as predictable or as smooth as most. About 90% of cases are uneventful and smooth but there are those 5% of patients that have some hard healing, scar tissue or a seroma after gynecomastia surgery. These folks can have some induration of the tissues and contour irregularities early on after treatment that will take some time to even out. A seroma can lead to irregularities as well – the larger the seroma and the longer it sits around the more likely these issues can be significant. The good news is that improvements always happen but it takes time, effort and patience while this natural process takes its course.