Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This is another “classic” gynecomastia surgery case performed in standard manner. You can’t “see” any scars. The areolas are not smaller, darker and flat. The contour of his pectoral muscle is evident. There is no longer a soft, pointy appearance to his chest area. He is liberated – one and done.

The vast majority of gynecomastia cases proceed uneventfully in terms of healing once treated. However, in about 10% of patients or less there are some minor issues such as creases, harder healing, swelling and seroma formation that needs to be managed so the final result is as smooth and flat as possible. It can take many months for this to happen. Patience is a virtue. You have to “work” the tissues with a roller device, deep tissue massage or even the use of a mechanical massage/tissue release device as needed.