Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This surgery for gynecomastia case is really cool. This man took a hormone supplement some years ago and developed male breasts about 3 months later. It was painful for awhile and eventually the pain went away but the breasts stayed. He has lived with this for 5 years and knows the common means guys deal with this. His posture deteriorated to hide his chest. He never took his shirt off in public. It eroded his mojo and personality.

He is seen here with standard gynecomastia treatment. You can appreciate the large masses of gynecomastia tissue that was removed. Because he has high quality skin it retracted perfectly and even on post treatment day 1 his chest rocks! The relief that he shows us is nothing short of spectacular. It’s like a huge weight has been taken off his shoulders.

We treat gynecomastia at the AGC because there is nothing as cool as being a part of liberating our patients from gynecomastia. We are all winners.