Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This patient had previous gynecomastia surgery where the surgeon did liposuction alone and he “didn’t get anything to show for it”. You can appreciate the fullness in his chest with female like breasts and puffy nipples.

He had a secondary gynecomastia procedure done with me. You can appreciate the significant improvement in the contour of his chest with more muscular definition, no more puffy nipples and small female like breasts.

This was performed with my Vaser and standard liposuction and tissue pullout technique. He had a moderate amount of scar tissue which is common in those who have had previous treatment. It makes my work more challenging and complicated because I have to deal with scar tissue and uneven treatment. These challenging cases often need all the experience I have accumulated over the years so I am able to achieve the goal of a natural, smooth and masculine result and not make things worse. Setting realistic expectations is important. He is very happy with his result.