Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This patient obviously has gynecomastia. He has prominent breasts and quite pouty areolas. He is seen here after standard gynecomastia treatment surgery with Ultrasonic Vaser and tissue removal though tiny incisions. He had a fair amount of gland with it usually common when the areolas are that spread and puffy.

Note the smaller size of the areolas without an incision around them to make them smaller. That would risk the appearance of a poor scar in this man of some color. That would have been a mistake. When the mass that is causing the prominence of the areolas and the breast shape in general is removed in a person with good quality skin, things generally retract quite well and more complex, scar forming procedures are not needed. Always consider a second opinion if your surgeon suggests incisions other than the “small standard” variety that I recommend to most patients.