Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This young male presented to the Austin Gynecomastia Center complaining of unilateral gynecomastia (one sided fullness). As you can see in his photos, he clearly has a female like breast on his right side.

You can see the expansion of his areola on the effected side. The “mass” of tissue beneath the areola simply expands it or stretches it so it is wider. It’s also puffy compared to his flat left side.

I did not consider performing liposuction in his case as I knew this was a firm mass that could only be removed by gynecomastia surgery involving subcutaneous mastectomy (removal of all the tissue of the breast below the skin and above the muscle). He has no fat that can be treated.

I hope you are impressed with the size of his mass. It was entirely removed though the small incision around the bottom of his areola. His immediate result on the table is evident as well in the pictures. His areola will become smaller very quickly after the procedure. I used my “quilting sutures” internally to secure the pocket closed to reduce the potential of fluid or blood accumulation which could negatively affect his result. This technique has reduced my use of drains significantly.

Unilateral gynecomastia is uncommon amongst those who have gynecomastia. It is not different from someone who has involvement on both sides in terms of treatment, diagnosis, cancer, prognosis, or any other measurements.

It is a greater psychological and physical burden than having it on both sides because it is harder to hide and the asymmetry makes it much more noticeable. Depending on the individual, both sides may need treatment in order to ensure a masculine, symmetrical result.