Gynecomastia Surgery

Before And After Photos

This is an interesting case. This middle-aged man had lost a lot of weight and had some procedures done to manage skin excess. He had fullness of his chest treated but the skin was not removed.

He contacted me for a second opinion when his surgeon (whom he very much liked), said he would not excise skin on his chest until after one year. He was anxious to remove this skin excess.

He was only a few months short of a year. I suggested he wait until a year and have his surgeon take care of this matter. He told me that he felt a bit uncomfortable with his surgeon’s plan to treat this area and preferred my plan (I was not trying to make my plan sound any better, I just told him what I would do).

He is seen here only four months out from gyno surgery. I removed the excess skin on each chest with a horizontal scar and I managed to keep his nipple-areola complexes alive by using an internal pedicle of tissue which provided blood flow.

It must be understood that moving the nipple-areola complexes after previous surgery can result in loss of this distinctive tissue. It’s important to know what was done at the original surgery in order to make the best plan of action. Waiting a year or longer is good advice in general, but since I have performed so many of these procedures I felt comfortable with his situation.

I hope to post his long term follow up pictures after the scars become less red and he grows the hair back on his chest. Full scar maturation usually takes about 18 months or longer. In the meantime, he is using silicone scar strips to keep the scar as fine as possible.