Breast Revision

Before And After Photos

This patient presented for a breast enhancement. She had previous breast biopsies with the scars as you can see in the pictures. They removed so much tissue on her right breast that it was considerably smaller.

She is seen here after a breast reconstruction involving a bilateral breast augmentation with silicone implants place through one of her existing scars on her breasts. I used 300cc high profile on the left and 415cc high profile on the right. Both breast implants were place beneath the muscle.

She is seen here about 5 months post operatively. I plan to finish her scar revision on the right breast in the future. Her scars have done quite well. She is Asian and generally doesn’t scar well. I didn’t make a typical incision at the breast fold to insert her implants because she already had scars. The size match on her breasts is very good. She was VERY self-conscious about her breasts and now she feels good about them (this is the true benefit of the procedure, not just larger breasts).