Breast Revision

Before And After Photos

This patient has developed symmastia after breast augmentation done elsewhere. She presented to me complaining that her cleavage was abnormal. This occurs when the implant pockets touch in the middle of the chest area and makes the cleavage appear abnormal (uni-boob).

Rather than show her breast revision before and after pictures in standard form, I am showing the “real life” pictures of what she sees every morning in the mirror.

I revised her breasts by adjusting the pockets internally and using the same size implants but with a different (higher) profile. Although larger implants than can fit on the chest area is a common cause of “uniboob” results, these implants will fit on her chest after I did simple measurements.

Although I thought her breasts were quite acceptable after her first procedure, she simply didn’t care for the “touching implants” and the unusual cleavage that existed. You can clearly tell from the pictures that she is pleased with her breast revision and her more classic cleavage.

The use of ADM or Acellular Dermal Matrix was not necessary in her case but is often used to help to build an “internal bra” that prevents her implants from going where they shouldn’t be. She wears an excellent bra that keeps her implants where they should be both day and night which is important to prevent a recurrence of the condition particularly since she wanted larger implants than would be ideal.