Breast Revision

Before And After Photos

This is a patient who presented to me after having had previous breast surgery including a breast augmentation and then a breast lift. During one of her pregnancies, she developed mastitis (inflammation of the breast) on her left side which caused marked swelling of the breast and when it subsided she had significant ptosis (sagging) of the breast.

She is seen here after a two stage breast revision procedure. I removed her implants and replaced them with saline implants and revised her mastopexy. On the second procedure, I adjusted her scars so they would be in the curve of her breast and well hidden.

I didn’t plan on a two stage procedure as the reason for the additional one was for improvement on her previous surgery. Some patients are willing to “adjust” or continue to seek improvements even though it is associated with added expense and risk. There are times, however, when I will tell my patient that what has been achieved in my hands is worth leaving well enough alone.