Breast Revision

Before And After Photos

This mother of two is 5’2″ and 118 pounds. She had four previous breast surgeries. All her procedures involved removing excess skin and tightening of the breast tissue (Mastopexy) as well as two sets of breast implants, the first being 350cc and the final set being 700cc.

She complained of “being too big, breasts have bottomed out, my implants are under my arms, loss of superior fullness, loss of sensation, implants make me look fat, I can’t play golf, and my breasts are in the way in general and they don’t fit my body.”

I performed a breast revision procedure with removal of her old implants, replacement with 400cc silicone implants, a vertical Mastopexy with the removal of about 45 grams of tissue each breast.

She is seen here at about five months after her procedure. Her breasts are not higher, tighter, smaller and perkier. It’s important never to choose an implant size that is too large that your skin can’t even hold them up. A mastopexy procedure is a challenging operation that requires experience and judgment.