Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This patient presented to me for a nose job. She complained that her nose was large and didn’t fit her face well. She wanted a smaller nose and more feminine features if possible. She is seen here about a year from her nose job. I made her nose smaller in all areas so it fits with her naturally beautiful facial assets. It’s an improvement on many different levels—it’s sculpted and less bulbous, it’s in balance and harmony and it’s certainly much more feminine.

I accomplished this goal by reducing her dorsum significantly and working with her large tip cartilages with sutures and cartilage reshaping so it’s smaller and better shaped. We are lucky that her skin responded well and formed to her new underlying anatomy without any issues. This process takes many months and is seen as swelling and fullness in certain areas. I often have patients tape their nose tips for six to 9 weeks after surgery at night to help the healing/shaping process. On occasion, I may inject steroids into he nose as needed to control the healing and recovery process.

Watch the entire nose job surgery on YouTube

nose job post surgery at the 1 week post op consultationWatch