Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This patient requested a nose job and prominent ear treatment at the same time. I believed she was an excellent candidate. Working on her ears was fun – they required aggressive treatment because of her very thick cartilage.

Her nose treatment was more or less “finesse” in my approach. I reduced the dorsum a bit and refined the tip. More importantly, I had to clear up the inside of her nose because I was very concerned that her breathing would be compromised after making her nose smaller. This is real. Her breathing is actually BETTER than it was before surgery AND I made her nose smaller. Home run for sure.

The combination is quite powerful. She is several months after her rhinoplasty and recovery from nose job so she has a long way to go with her nose. It will continue to form up nicely as the swelling subsides. The photos you see here don’t do justice to what I see in person—her beauty shines through and her self-confidence is palpable.