Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This is a two-month result from a classic nose job with a hump reduction and tip “softening” to create what you see in these photos. The goal has been achieved with a very nice softening of her entire nose so it’s smaller and more feminine. It fits her face so well that few people can appreciate the difference and even those who know she had a nose job wonder why she had one when they don’t see much of a difference.

Yet, we can appreciate a very big difference in the photos! What is going on here is the human condition of adapting to the new you and forgetting (consciously or subconsciously) the old nose that you had issues with. Once she shows the before and after side by side comparisons do others appreciate the difference and the true artistic nature of this journey to create a real, natural looking nose that is complimentary to your face (but never perfect!)