Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This is a classic example of how rebalancing a nose with a rhinoplasty can have such a huge impact on a persons appearance. In her case, she had a dorsum bridge that dominated the nose and made it appear long and banana like. The tip was low and the upper lip was crowded. BTW, I also removed the mole on her nose and this has a HUGE impact as well on her appearance (why is another story altogether……)

Look at the difference. Look at the balance and elegance of her nose. It’s more “Romanesque” with a straighter dorsum and a refined tip that doesn’t droop. She looks absolutely stunning. The transformation is real. Her nose is natural in appearance. She is only two months out and is still very much swollen in the tip area in particular.

Of interest in her case is the transformation that I can see and feel in her personality since treatment and recovery – she is much more confident and self-assured. She has started to lose real weight. She is motivated. She is no longer constrained in her personality and actions by her old nose.

Watch this patient’s nose job procedure video

rhinoplasty surgery video procedure showing before and after a nose job to reduce hump and refine tipWatch