Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This patient illustrates the typical changes requested by many of my rhinoplasty patients. She is also probably one of the most beautiful early before and after nose job results that I have ever had.

What you see is the difference in a nose that has been made a bit smaller, more narrow at the base and with a hump that has been removed. The combination of hump reduction, narrowing of the nose and tip refinement goes a long way in not just changing her nose, but how it changes her ENTIRE face. It fits better. It’s more feminine and refined. It’s proportional. It simply adds a tremendous amount to her already natural beauty!

As always, it’s all about natural looking results. You would never know she had a nose job. You can’t imagine any nose on her but he one that was made. As usual, she told me no one noticed the difference and what a difference it is. Why is this? The human eye picks up on anatomy that stands out, is different or exaggerated. Once normal or “expected” anatomy is seen it all simply disappears. I’m so happy for her you can’t imagine.