Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Before And After Photos

This woman presented to my office seeking improvements on her nose.  She had a previous Rhinoplasty performed and wasn’t quite sure she got what she wanted.

On my examination, she unfortunately had some issues related to her previous work. She had lost projection of her tip and had what we call an “inverted V deformity.” This means she had some collapse of the mid part of her nose. She also had a “supra tip” deformity, which means the high point of her nasal roof was not the actual tip but the area right before it, resulting in a nose that lacks character, definition, and finesse.

She is a secondary Rhinoplasty patient – someone who had previous work and is choosing for refinements. In her case, I used some grafting material from her scalp and put it in her nose, shaved the cartilage where needed, and elevated and rotated her tip a bit. She is seen here about a year from her surgery. The shape and appearance of the nose is better, and it now has more character and attitude.

Rhinoplasty is a challenging procedure as the results can be somewhat unpredictable. Make sure that you choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has extensive experience with this challenging and, yet, rewarding task.