Our Surgical Suite

COVID-19 Updates

Westlake Plastic Surgery is OPEN. Your safety (and ours) remains a priority. We are following CDC guidelines which include precautionary cleaning & sanitizing. We are screening staff, patients and wearing proper personal protective equipment. Dr. Caridi and Dr. Wilson are continuously monitoring COVID-19 updates and adjusting procedures according to state, local and CDC guidelines. Due to social distancing requirements, only patients will be allowed in waiting and exam rooms. Loved ones must wait in their vehicles and we will communicate via phone/ facetime. As always, our initial consultations and performed online from the comfort of your own home.

What We’re Doing to Keep You Safe and How We are Doing Business Right Now:

  1. We know all about safety and sterility. We are a medical practice with an in-office operating room and highly qualified medical professionals. We got you covered.
  2. Our “system” is a bit different (weird if you ask me) than what it was. We limit the number of patients we see in our facility and they are all carefully screened.
  3. We were pioneers of telemedicine before this was in demand. We communicate and follow up with our patients as needed—in person if necessary and using the phone, Online Consultation, FaceTime and Skype as needed. The quality of your care will not be compromised but the “personal touch” aspect of practice that we value so much will seem different. We love all our patients and want to assure them we care for them like family.
  4. Your patience and understanding during these uncertain times are very much appreciated.

Don’t worry, we will all get through this, but we will do it slowly, carefully and safely.

Where Safety Meets Comfort

Our modern surgical suite has everything we need to provide you with comfort and state-of-the-art care. Dr. Robert Caridi and his team have gone above and beyond to create a warm, reassuring and safe environment. Our patients deserve the very best, and our surgical suite reflects that ideal. With Westlake Plastic Surgery, you can be confident that you’re in the very best of hands.

westlake plastic surgery austin cosmetic surgery staff - Dr. Robert Caridi, Dr. James Wilson and Dr. Diane Keeler-Boysen

Professional Seal of Approval

Because of our commitment to excellence, we have earned the AAAASF (American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities) seal of approval. This national accreditation requires the highest standards for patient care and safety. The approval process involves annual on-site inspections and 100% compliance with strict guidelines. AAAASF approval shows with certainty that Westlake Plastic Surgery’s top priority is patient safety.

On-Site Inspections and 100% Compliance

Accreditation consists of a three-fold review that includes a site visit, an AAAASF panel assessment of site visit findings, and successful participation in a peer review and quality assurance program. Inspections are performed by ABMS board certified surgeons who own or direct an accredited surgery facility of their own. Accreditation at Westlake Plastic Surgery identifies the facility as one which:

  • is directed by Dr. Robert Caridi, ABMS board certified surgeon, and Dr. James Wilson, board certified anesthesiologist; with comparable hospital privileges for all procedures performed in the outpatient center.
  • has successfully completed quality assurance and peer review activities, established within the facility, or developed among other surgeons, or by joining a peer review organization.
  • adheres to ethical standards of their appropriate surgical specialty society or the American Medical Association (AMA).
  • meets the high standards of the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities.

The Ultimate in Peer Evaluation and Safety Assurance

While we have many accreditation options, we truly believe AAAASF to demonstrate the ultimate in peer evaluation and safety assurance for our patients. The on-site interaction and inspector verifies absolute compliance with their professional standards. The inspector’s own experience and expertise provides a valuable resource for our facility’s management and offers a unique opportunity for dialogue with our surgeons.

Every aspect of the center is reviewed, including patient charts, personnel records and qualifications, safety procedures, and patient selection criteria. The inspector also assesses the scope of procedures performed in the outpatient center to assure our surgeons have comparable hospital privileges for each specific procedure.

Our Commitment to Comfort and Safety

Dr. Robert Caridi and Dr. James Wilson take pride in their team’s efforts to create and maintain this personal and private facility. We are overjoyed that the experts at AAAASF agree that our surgical suite scores perfectly in patient safety standards and quality of care. Our commitment to you is that, at Westlake Plastic Surgery, your comfort and safety will always be our primary concerns.

Westlake Plastic Surgery offers procedures for women including breast augmentation, breast lift with implants, mommy makeover, neck lift, and rhinoplasty as well as procedures for men including gynecomastia surgery, body lift and nose job (rhinoplasty). To learn more, contact us now for a free online consultation.