What is Endermologie?

Many of my patients enroll in Endermologie services after their liposuction procedure. Although most everyone benefits from Endermologie, patients who have had a particularly extensive liposuction or who have poor skin tone benefit the most. Endermologie is non-surgical and non-invasive. It involves a vacuum type machine used by a certified specialist. Each session lasts about 40 minutes and a typical package is about 12 treatments performed weekly.

The hand piece used by the Endermologist creates a skin fold as it moves along the surface of your body. As the skin gently folds and unfolds under the continuous action of the suction machine and the rollers, it allows for smooth and regulated deep tissue mobilization. Endermologie increases the likelihood of obtaining the best results from your liposuction. Since the ultimate goal that I have for your liposuction is smooth, even and symmetrical results, I routinely recommend Endermologie for my liposuction patients.

When should you start treatments after your liposuction procedure?

This depends on individual patient sensitivity, but most patients start treatments two weeks after surgery. There will be some discomfort initially that lessens with each successive treatment. Endermologie actually “feels good” after awhile.

Most patients sign up for a package of regularly scheduled treatments, but you can also arrange for individual treatments. Note that there is a cost savings when purchasing a package. My patients feel and notice a difference almost immediately. Most likely, you will want to return for additional treatments because you will like what you feel and see. You may call the Endermologists for their fees and ask them any questions that you may have.

How does Endermologie help after liposuction?

Liposuction essentially creates a layer of scar tissue between the skin and the underlying muscle. Early after your liposuction you will feel some “lumps and bumps” beneath the surface of your skin. Just as I would recommend scar massage for a scar on the skin surface, you will also benefit from massage of the deeper scar from the liposuction. Several weeks after your liposuction, you will fell tightness in certain areas when moving. This is the tightening scar tissue. Endermologie will soften these areas gradually and provide smoother skin.

After fat removal under the skin, the human body wants to put water in its place. Endermologie will mobilize this water (or edema) that accumulates and promote even retraction of your skin. This is the primary reason why I recommend the use of a post operative compression garment, to counteract this natural tendency for fluid to accumulate after liposuction. Endermologie will help squeeze this water out of the deeper tissues.

Endermologie is not only highly recommended by me, it’s also highly recommended by patients who have had the service—it is a patient driven service. The experts that I use are not only experts at the procedure; they are also wonderful people who will help you tremendously during your recovery period. I do not offer the procedure in my office and I have no financial interest in my patients receiving the treatment. I recommend it because it simply makes you look your best. I am not aware of any problems associated with the technique. I have patients who continue to use the service long after their liposuction has healed. It is an FDA approved cellulite treatment.

What do I need to do before or after the Endermologie treatment?

One of the reasons this process is so effective is that large amounts of fat, waste, and toxins are eased out of the tissues during treatment. To ensure these wastes are not recycled back into your body, you will want to drink extra water before and after your appointment.

Who performs the Endermologie treatments?

Dr. Caridi currently recommends these Endermologie technicians in Austin:

The Endermologie Clinic of Austin

Jackie Greenholt
Sunday House Square
1000 Westbank Drive, Suite 4B
Austin, Texas 78746
(512) 347-1212
$75.00 per session

Westlake Endermologie

Bonnie Gilliam
4613 Bee Cave Road #106
Austin, TX 78746
(512) 419-8702

If you would like to learn more about Endermologie, I recommend visiting the LPG Endermologie web site at: www.Endermologie.com.