Botox in Austin

Botox treatments give real, noticeable results and involve no surgery and no recovery time. It’s quick, easy, and chosen by millions of men and women to refresh and improve their appearances.

Botox temporarily weakens facial muscles that cause wrinkling of the skin and unwanted facial expressions.  Patients frequently complain, “People think I’m angry or unhappy when I’m not.” Treatment with Botox is safe, effective, and can be titrated to individual desires, whether that means a more pleasing general appearance, smoothness of the skin or a complete lack of movement in facial areas. It can also be used to achieve facial symmetry when an imbalance exists.

Botox works, and it works very well.  Results usually lasts three to four months, but the improvements are so satisfying that patients often come back for more. Dr. Diane Keeler-Boysen has been administering Botox to Westlake Plastic Surgery patients for over fifteen years. Call today for your free consultation.