Austin Plastic Surgery for Men

  • Austin Gynecomastia Center

    Austin Gynecomastia Center

    The Austin Gynecomastia Center is a place of excellence for the treatment of a bothersome condition. You have a problem. We have the solution.

  • Austin Liposuction Procedure


    Whether small-scale sculpting or large-volume, liposuction is a safe, proven technique for removing fat from many areas of the body.

  • Body Lift Procedure Austin

    Body Lift

    Some patients have extensive loose skin that needs more than a tummy tuck. When the lift is around the waist like a “belt”, this is a body lift.

  • Austin Facial Procedures

    Facial Procedures

    You demand results that appear natural and non-operated. Dr. Caridi has you covered. Experience matters when it comes to facial plastic surgery.

  • Austin Nose Reshaping

    Nose Reshaping

    The nose is the center of the face. Refining the shape and size of the nose can make dramatic improvements to the symmetry and balance of your face.

  • Eyebrow Lift Austin

    Eyelid Surgery

    Also known as a blepharoplasty. It’s an eye lift. It’s perfect for those with excess fat and skin around their eyes. The world sees you through your eyes.