How Poor Posture Relates to Plastic Surgery

Many of my patients know how often I discuss posture in my plastic surgery office. Seeing that I am constantly asked to evaluate an individual’s appearance, it’s easy to note the presence of poor posture and shoulder shrugging. Let me tell you a bit about how poor posture relates to plastic surgery.

Poor Posture and Plastic Surgery - Westlake Plastic Surgery - Cosmetic Surgery AustinI see three groups of patients who use shoulder shrugging as a “defense mechanism” – something an individual does to protect themselves against something that creates anxiety.

  1. Women with particularly small or large breasts.
  2. Women who are taller than average.
  3. Men that suffer from Gynecomastia – the development of fullness or extra breast tissue in a male chest.

For women with small or large breasts and for men suffering from Gynecomastia, this defense tactic is used to hide and draw attention away from the chest area – the source of anxiety. In tall women, poor posture or shoulder shrugging simply makes them appear shorter.

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breast augmentation or reduction is an alternative for those who are anxious about the appearance of their breasts, as is gynecomastia surgery for men.  As always, sitting up straight, keeping your shoulders back and keeping your chin up will dramatically enhance your appearance to others.

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Do you think you have poor posture? Do you know someone who uses shoulder shrugging as a defense mechanism? Do you have a “secret” to keeping good posture?

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