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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • There’s no simple test for gynecomastia. If you’re wondering whether you have gynecomastia, the best way to know for sure is to consult with a doctor who specializes in gynecomastia treatment. Dr. Caridi consults with patients from all over the world about gyno treatment. Use this form to send Dr. Caridi some photos and a description of your concerns and he’ll get back to you via email.

  • Every surgery is different and the cost for services depends on each individual’s wants and needs, complexity, risk, and body type. To find out how much the procedure(s) you are interested in may cost, please schedule a consultation, either in person or using the Virtual Consultation buttons above. You’re also welcome to call our office at 512.732.0732. Consult our Pricing and Financing page for more information.

  • We are not on any insurance plans and do not accept any insurance. Financing of cosmetic surgery has become quite common over the past several years since most insurance companies do not cover these elective procedures. Many of our patients have used Med Loan Finance and Care Credit for financing. Consult our Pricing and Financing page for more information.

  • Have a different question? We’re happy to help! Here’s a more comprehensive set of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. You can also use this form to to ask a different question or give feedback.