Breast Reduction

Before And After Photos

This patient presented to me with the interest in another breast reduction. She had a previous tummy tuck and breast reduction done elsewhere and felt she was still too large. She is seen here after a secondary breast reduction. I remove over 500 grams of breast tissue from each side and now she is happy that they are smaller and as she always wanted. She also lost some weight which made her breasts smaller as well.

Although there are potentially significant complications from a breast reduction, most cases go quite well in experienced hands. It is not uncommon for the breasts to not be reduced enough! This is very frustrating to patients who actually seek out quite small breasts as they are maximally frustrated with large breasts and they often “want them gone”. Unfortunately, many surgeons simply don’t get this and leave them too large and patients are simply unhappy. When I try to get on the same page with patients regarding how much smaller they wish to be, we don’t talk about cup size as this is a moving target. I ask them if their breast is 100 dollars, how many dollars do they want to have after I make it smaller. It’s often in the 30-40 dollar range which means they want a much smaller size. Size does matter when it comes to a happy breast reduction.