Breast Reduction

Before And After Photos

This is a 17 year old female that complained bitterly about her breasts. They were too large, uncomfortable and brought unwanted attention her way. She basically wanted me to remove her breasts she was so unhappy.

She is seen here about 6 months after an inferior pedicle breast reduction with anchor scars and about 500 grams of tissue removed from each breast.

This has been a life changer for this young woman. As soon as I walked into the room you can tell that she is a different—much happier young woman that she was before. She couldn’t even look at her “before” photos because she didn’t believe that was her.

Breast reduction surgery is “happy surgery” because excessive breast size is a burden on many levels. Make sure if you are considering a breast reduction that your surgeon understands the size that you want and don’t leave them too large because it would then be a waste of time. The smaller you make them the longer the result will last.