Breast Reduction

Before And After Photos

This patient suffered from extreme macromastia (large breasts). She was uncomfortable, often in pain and she was very limited in her physical activities. Her breasts are quite large and asymmetrical.

She is seen here after a bilateral free nipple graft breast reduction. I removed 1819 grams on the larger breast and 1117 grams on the smaller. She is early in her recovery as she is only 10 weeks out. Her breasts are swollen and the suture lines are still healing. This will continue for a year or so.

The procedure has been liberating for her. She told me she recently went on vacation and actually was able to go on a hike without experiencing back pain. She looks smaller as if she lost weight. This has been a liberating experience for her in many ways.

She will continue to heal. She will wear a molding bra to shape her breasts during this healing period. The procedure required free nipple grafts as this offers her the best cosmetic outcome with the least amount of risk. A pedicle technique is not ideal as it adds risk of nipple death and a poorer cosmetic result. The sacrifice is loss of sensation of the nipple-areola complex which is something that most women with breasts this size don’t have to begin with.

Breast reduction surgery is what I call “happy surgery” because it is transformative to patients.