Breast Reduction

Before And After Photos

This patient is shown with a nice result 4 months after a breast reduction. I know the reason that it is special is that she was very compliant with my instructions to used an excellent support/shaping bra during this stage of the healing process so her breasts actually healed much higher than typical. This is something that I noticed over a 35 year career – it’s possible to improve the shape of sagging breasts after a breast reduction by appropriate bra use in the first year. What is appropriate bra use anyway? It means wearing the “working bra” that actually shapes your breasts “up and in” and higher on your chest than usual. This bra is essentially worn 24-7 for the first year (while sleeping). As the components of a breast reduction heals with scar tissue formation, it will heal in the molded shape. It’s possible to achieve a result that is simply NOT possible without this technique. This is yet another example of how I have learned to follow the healing process as it relates to my procedures and make recommendations and adjustments as needed for the very best outcomes.