Breast Lift With Implants

Before And After Photos

This patient complained that her breasts grew tremendously when she was pregnant. Afterwards, her breasts deflated and they were saggy and asymmetrical and her areolas were quite large.

She is seen here after a bilateral breast lift with implants procedure. She has significant chest wall asymmetries that needed to be taken into consideration to ensure a symmetrical result.

She had 275cc silicone implants placed below the muscle and a bilateral breast lift/reduction with the removal of about 70 grams of saggy tissue from each breast. She is 8 months out from her surgery. She wears an excellent bra as instructed or her breasts will fall off to the sides. She is considering going with larger implants in the future. I am OK with this as she has done well with her existing implants and she is very good about using her support/shaping bra as much as possible.