Breast Lift With Implants

Before And After Photos

This patient had a previous breast augmentation and breast lift done around the areola elsewhere and desired a revision with smaller breasts and improved shape. She wanted perkier breasts that are not so saggy.

I removed her existing silicone implants above the muscle. One of them was ruptured. I adjusted the pockets so her new implants will sit up front and not to the side. I did a bilateral breast reduction of about 150 grams each side. I placed 250cc silicone implants in the same pocket. I performed a vertical breast lift with implants procedure to reshape her breasts.

This is a long-term result. Our goals have been achieved and her result is quite nice in part because she wears a supportive bra. Her breasts are smaller, higher and perkier than before. Her scars have done well. It should be noted that “lifting” a breast with a scar only around the areola doesn’t lift at all and usually results in flatter breasts with pizza pie looking areolas. If you going to do a lift – if you actually really need a lift, at the very least entertain the vertical pattern with the final scar shaped like a lollipop.