Breast Lift With Implants

Before And After Photos

This patient requested a breast augmentation with a breast lift after having a previous breast augmentation alone. We removed her existing lower profile implants and place new, smooth walled higher profile silicone implants below the muscle with a breast lift / small reduction as well. The combination is powerful as you can see. The goal was to move her breasts towards the middle, narrow her breasts so she didn’t look so “top heavy” and matronly and move her nipples to the ideal position so they are pointing forward.

Combining a breast implant with a breast lift / breast reduction is a procedure that is reserved for those plastic surgeons with uber experience. Don’t learn the hard way about this “truth be told” reality. Although it is in the domain of all plastic surgeons theoretically the reality is that “practice makes perfect” and that you only get closer to perfection when you do a lot of these procedures. Do your homework carefully and don’t be afraid to ask you surgeon about their experience with this procedure.