Breast Lift With Implants

Before And After Photos

This patient had over a 100 pound weight loss. Her breasts deflated. She is seen here after a bilateral breast lift with implants. I used 350cc high profile smooth walled silicone implants below the muscle and reduced her breasts by about 50 grams of saggy tissue each side through a vertical lift approach with the final scar being lollipop shaped.

The is a nice result. Her breasts are clearly fuller, more youthful and perky.

It should be understood that when patients have had extreme weight loss, the results of a breast lift with implants combination are far more prone to recurrent sagging as well as other unfavorable post treatment outcomes. This is because the skin of these patients is often stretched and inelastic which means even the weight of the implants alone is enough to stretch the skin. The ONLY way to counter the stretching impact of these implants is to wear a very supportive bra that maintains your breasts “up and in” so there is no weight on the skin that causes the stretching and sagging over time.