Breast Lift With Implants

Before And After Photos

This is an amazing breast augmentation and reduction procedure. I am actually blown away by this result. Large breasted women with very low breasts desiring an enhancement. There are not a lot of options in my world. She is seen here after a bilateral breast reduction and breast augmentation with free nipple grafts. The scar is anchor shaped. The implants are 650cc high profile smooth walled silicone below the muscle. I removed 950 grams of breast tissue from each side.

Pictures tell the complete story. No longer saggy. A wholesale change in her breasts. Check out her moles and see where things are relative to these established landmarks.

This is not a common case. It should be more common. She is the ideal candidate for this form of treatment. As I said—I am blown away by the changes and even more pleased that she wears the ideal working bra to support/sustain her large implants.