Breast Lift With Implants

Before And After Photos

This is a classic BAR result – Breast Augmentation and Reduction. This is different from a breast lift with breast implant because saggy tissue is not lifted it is reduced/removed. This tissue that isn’t there cannot sag in the future simply because it isn’t present. The new breast is made from the choice of breast implant that will determine your size and shape to some degree.

I reduced about 285 grams of tissue on either side. I used 300cc high profile breast implants placed below the muscle. Her breasts are slightly asymmetrical. Look at the moles on her chest to really truly appreciate the changes as a result of the procedure. They are much higher, rounder, perkier and youthful. She has lost a significant amount of weight since her procedure. She is very compliant with the use of a supportive bra that keeps her breasts “up and in” even at NIGHT! Non supported breasts will always go down and to the side over time. She couldn’t be happier.