Breast Lift With Implants

Before And After Photos

This patient had mature, attractive breasts that had fallen from where they were pre kids. She was interested in maintaining her size but shifting her breasts upwards with an improved shape. Superior breast fullness is desired.

I performed a breast lift with implants – in this case the advanced variant I call the Breast Augmentation and Reduction (BAR) procedure – with a 90 gram reduction on both sides and the placement of 385cc high profile textured implants beneath the muscle. The final scar is oriented vertically on the breast shaped like a lollipop.

You can use the arrows on the photos as a reference to compare the new and old breasts. You can appreciate that the bottom of the old breast is much higher on her thorax, and the upper part is much higher as well. The entire breast has shifted “North” for sure which make it look perkier and less matronly and heavy. The distance from the clavicle or collar bone to the top of the breast is much shorter and youthful. This is the what is seen most of the time when wearing shirts that show your upper chest. Her breasts actually stand on their own now, and don’t require a bra to get the appearance she wants (although she always needs to wear a bra).

An alternative option would be to put in a really large implant on top of the muscle and drop it into the bottom of the breast. This would make for larger breasts for sure, but they would be larger and lower – not something this patient was seeking.