Breast Lift With Implants

Before And After Photos

This is a 37 year old mother of four, 5’7″ and 122 pounds, interested in some work after she finished her family (or they finished her!). Her main focus was her breasts. They lost volume and superior fullness and they sagged quite a bit. She felt they were not particularly flattering and that the kids “sucked the life out of them!”

She is seen here after my typical breast lift with implants. I placed 275cc moderate profile implants beneath the chest muscle and reduced about 35 grams of hanging tissue on each side. She has healed quite well with symmetrical breasts and fine scars. Take a look at some of her moles so that you can see how much of an improvement or “lift” she has experienced. The top of her breast is much higher making the upper chest shorter and more youthful in appearance. Her breasts are perky and project forward from her body beautifully, nothing “hangs.”

Patients like her are ideal candidates for a BAR procedure. Some patients request a BAR procedure but their breasts are simply too large. The more my patients learn about the BAR procedure the more they understand what it accomplishes and why I approach the breast by reducing it and augmenting it. However, there are limits, and until I have more experience with larger sized breasts I will always err on the side of conservatism.