Breast Lift With Implants

Before And After Photos

This mom who is 5’4″ and 126 pounds says she likes the size of her breasts but wants them “lifted.” She wants more superior fullness with the nipples pointing in a forward direction. She doesn’t like the downward sloping appearance of her breasts.

She is seen here after a breast lift with implants procedure. She was augmented with 300cc smooth moderate plus profile saline implants placed beneath the muscle through a vertical incision with a final lollipop shaped scar. She had 83 grams of tissue removed on the right and 18 grams removed on the left.

She is seen here after four months. There is no doubt about the “lift” that she has received. Her breasts are sitting higher on her ribs, they are far more projecting, there is an enormous amount of superior fullness, and the nipples are certainly facing forward.

Look at the elevated station of her breasts by comparing the area of the rectangles that were drawn from her clavicle to her lateral breast and the “take off” of her breasts.