Breast Lift With Implants

Before And After Photos

This woman had a SEQUENCE of breast operations – all of which could have been performed at one time – but she chose to have incremental procedures (out of fear). In the end, she had a Breast Augmentation and Reduction (BAR) procedure – the more advanced version of the breast lift with implants.

This patient desired breast enhancement. The following sequence of photos illustrates the benefits of an implant as well as progressive lifting procedures. Initially, she was fearful of the scars associated with a full lift augmentation so we made smaller changes hoping it would make her happy. With each progressive improvement (which you can see in the photos) she realized that she enjoyed the improvements and came to the conclusion that she wanted the ultimate improvement even if it involves more scars.

  1. Stage 1: is her pre-op with sagging, flattened breasts.
  2. Stage 2: shows her after an augmentation with 375cc silicone implants. Note the increased breast fullness (especially superiorly) and modest “lift”.
  3. Stage 3: shows her after she had a limited mastopexy (reduction of loose skin on the bottom of the breast just below the nipple, but without scars around the nipple itself). There is less “hanging breast” present after this procedure but no elevation of the nipple.
  4. Stage 4: illustrates a full lift with incisions around the nipple and elevation of the nipple to obtain the optimal breast shape. She is very pleased with the final result, and, in retrospect; she wishes she would have had it all done at one procedure (as was recommended from the start).