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Breast Lift Results

breast lift - vertical lift

A breast lift – or mastopexy – is a reshaping plastic surgery procedure that tightens and lifts the breasts without using a breast implant. Your surgeon will adjust the skin and tissue of the breast and relocate the nipple-areola complex so the breast looks more youthful and attractive. In the ideal patient, the results are very satisfying.There are many variants on the procedure that can be used to achieve this goal, the most common being a “vertical” approach that results in a lollipop shaped scar.

How The Breast Lift Is Performed

breast lift - anchor lift

There are many proposed alternatives that use the term “breast lift”. The most reliable procedures result in a scar that is shaped like a lollipop or an anchor. A breast lift doesn’t add to the top of the breast, it only shapes the bottom. Breast lifts are ideal for patients who have smaller breasts with good skin quality and who don’t want breast implants.

Average Cost:Contact Us
Recovery Time:2-3 days
Average Procedure Time:1.5 hours
Post-Op Follow-Up:2 weeks, 2 months and 1 year
Recovery Location:Out-Patient

Breast Lift Options

Breast lifting procedures do not add volume or fullness to the breast. It’s actually not a true “lift” as much as it is an illusion created by elevation of the nipples. Far more common is a breast lift with implant combination – see details about that procedure. The addition of breast implant can dramatically improve breast shape and is the only option to add breast fullness up top where it is most desired. For the larger breast, it’s better to actually remove breast tissue and make the breast smaller than to simply “lift” the breast. It’s important to avoid the many “lifting” procedures that some surgeons offer that really don’t lift at all (Benelli lift, internal lift and others).

explanation of the options for incisions made during a breast lift procedureWatch

No Implant?

If you have decided for yourself that you don’t want breast implants, a breast lift or small breast reduction is the best way to rejuvenate the deflated, saggy breast. For some, a little education on the benefits of breast implants is all that is needed to see their value in creating beautiful breasts.

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