Breast Augmentation

Before And After Photos

This patient was evaluated for a breast augmentation. She wanted larger breasts with a better shape. She had mild sagginess of her breasts but overall she was doing pretty well.

We felt she was an ideal candidate for a breast augmentation with anatomic implants. These are silicone implants that are teardrop shaped and a bit firmer to the feel compared to the standard silicone implants (gummy bear).

She has a nice result post procedure and is quite happy.

Anatomic implants have been around for about 7 years. They have never gained the popularity that folks once believed they would achieve because many surgeons and patients can’t really tell the difference between round and anatomic.

Anatomic implants have a rough surface and not smooth. They are designed to be placed in a precise pocket beneath the breast and stay in that position (not to move). If they rotate, it can result in an odd looking breast because of the tear drop shape. You can imagine a round implant can rotate like a tire and it doesn’t change the shape of the breast.

The benefit of an anatomic implant is probably the impressive shape in certain breasts. There are other benefits such as a reduced rate of rupture but this is really not that different from the standard implants. The incision for anatomic implants is larger and they are a bit more expensive than normal silicone implants.

The bottom line is that these implants give me yet another option to achieve the best result depending on the patient and her anatomy. Patients who have breasts high on their chest and who don’t want too much superior breast fullness benefit from these implants. Anatomic implants are not ideal for patients who have larger breasts, chest or breast asymmetries or have had previous breast surgery and they are looking for a breast revision.

I have had a very good experience with these implants and I suggest that you consider them as an alternative. Ask me about them during your consultation.