Breast Augmentation

Before And After Photos

This is a 33 year old woman who is 5’9″ and 139 pounds interested in a breast enhancement. She has larger breasts with moderate ptosis and the right is larger and lower than the left side.

She is seen here after a bilateral breast augmentation with 415cc high profile textured silicone implants place ABOVE the muscle through an incision at the bottom of the breast. I also performed superficial liposuction of the bottom of the larger breast so that the tissue would contract and possible enhance the symmetry of her breasts while using the same size implants.

One of the best points to take away from her case is the “roundness” of her breasts to some extent from the placement of implants above the muscle. When placed below the muscle, the top of the breast has a more gradual slope rather than a more rounded appearance. In her particular case, this difference would not be that dramatic above or below the muscle because she had larger breasts and the implants are moderate in size.