Breast Augmentation

Before And After Photos

This is a 34 year old mother of three, 5’0″ and 110 pounds who was interested in a breast augmentation. On examination of her breast I noted that they were small, she had breast and chest wall asymmetries and the lower poles of her breasts were “short” (this is the distance from the nipple to the crease at the bottom of her breasts).

When we tried on implant sizers we came to the conclusion that the larger the implant, the shorter and heavier it made her look. I also told her that she would have to work her breasts after surgery in order to achieve the best shape.

She is seen here after a breast augmentation with 300cc high profile smooth walled silicone implants placed from an incision beneath the breast. She looks good, she loves they, they are soft and symmetrical and there is no doubt in my mind that she LOVES them. She tells me that all her friends are jealous because they look “so natural”.

In my mind, it’s really obvious what she gained from her augmentation-and it’s shape as well as size. Yeah, she is larger and more proportioned, but what stands out most is the beautiful shape change we were able to achieve.