Breast Augmentation

Before And After Photos

This is a 5’1″ 131 pound mother of two who was interested in enhancing her breasts. She had a Mastopexy (breast lift) procedure performed in the past elsewhere and was interested in further improvements. She said her breast skin felt loose, she had no superior fullness, and her right breast was larger than her left.

We discussed options including a revision of her Mastopexy as well as a Mastopexy with an augmentation or an augmentation alone. She preferred just an augmentation alone, understanding that there may still be loose breast skin and a lift may be desired.

She is seen here about six months after a bilateral breast augmentation with 325cc high profile silicone breast implants. I also reduced some breast tissue on the lower part of the right breast to improve symmetry.

We have achieved breast symmetry and superior fullness as well as a tightening of the breast skin with implants alone. Although a Mastopexy is a very good procedure that improves the shape of the breast, it oftentimes falls short compared to a Mastopexy with an augmentation as the benefit of the implant for fullness (particularly superiorly) is well appreciated.