Breast Augmentation

Before And After Photos

This is a 25 year old woman who is 5’2″ and 105 pounds interested in a breast augmentation. She is seen here one year after an augmentation with smooth, round moderate profile silicone implants (225cc each side), placed under the muscle from an incision in the crease beneath the breast.

This is a great size for her. Not too big, not to small-just right. Interestingly enough she was seen in the office about six months after her surgery saying that the right breast suddenly became firmer (contracture). On examination it was indeed firmer. There was no sign of infection or inflammation. I sent her home with instructions to take NSAIDS (Advil/Aleve) for 10 days and the problem went away. It may have been the result of muscle spasm as she is a personal trainer, and is right handed, and exercises her pectoral muscles vigorously. It has been my experience that women with breast implants will often experience periods of changes in their breasts including implants that feel softer and firmer. This is probably related to hormonal fluctuations, medial illness and weight changes. Sometimes even the most knowledgeable plastic surgeons don’t know why things occur.