Liposuction For Women

Before And After Photos

This patient is seen here after liposuction of her abdomen, posterior flanks and upper inner thighs. She had very good skin. She had 2500cc of fat removed. These photos are 6 months from her treatment and she also lost some weight.

What’s impressive is that she looks amazing. However, based on what I started with she was an ideal candidate and it’s relatively easy to obtain this result when you start off with a figure like hers. Having said that, liposuction can be a bit unpredictable in how well patients do with skin retraction and contour irregularities. It takes much experience and effort on my part to ensure the best possible outcome for each and every patient. I remind all those reading this that you are only a candidate for liposuction if your weight and height place you at or near your ideal healthy Body Mass Index. I can’t stress this enough as liposuction is NOT for weight loss. It would be a very big mistake and you simply shouldn’t go there.