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Breast Lift With Implants Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 68

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This patient is seen here early out from a breast lift and breast implant combination. She was augmented with 350cc high profile silicone implants placed below the muscle with a breast lift using the vertical technique with a lollipop shaped scar.

You can appreciate the impressive transformation of her breasts. She has gained fullness and shape, restored her upper chest fullness, elevated her nipple-areola complexes and removed the saggy breast appearance.

She has quite some time for her scars to lighten and look less visible (about 1-2 years). It is important to wear a working support bra basically 24/7 to ensure amazing breasts long into the future. This means wearing a bra at night as well! Trust me on this—it is well worth it and you will learn to actually like the feeling of wearing a bra. Yes, we want your bra off when the time is right but this shouldn’t be all the time.

Why Does A Breast Lift Get Better With Breast Implants? Dr. Robert Caridi Explains

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