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Breast Lift With Implants Gallery Plastic Surgery in Austin | Patient 36

Patient Details

This is a 36 year old mother of one, who is 5’3″ and 153 pounds. She is a weight loss patient. She was interested in options to enhance the appearance of her breasts. They are large, flat, and with enlarged areolas. They are saggy for sure.

She is seen here after a bilateral breast lift with implants. She is augmented with 275cc high profile silicone implants placed beneath the muscle, and I removed 165 grams of tissue on the left and 121 grams on right side. She is seen in these photos about 9 months after her surgery.

There is a big difference for sure. They aren’t hanging at her belly button, they are no longer flat like pancakes, and the nipple-areola complexes are looking up at the sky and not the floor. BUT, they are not perfect. There is some fullness along the bottom side of both breasts that makes them not appear perfectly round. I plan on performing some liposuction in these areas in the future. By the way, the patient didn’t say anything about this – it’s something I noticed.

This is a big surgery. Big surgery can potentially lead to big complications. I’m not here to overly criticize my result when, quite frankly, we did pretty darn well and without any issues. In the vast majority of my cases, I always think it could be better in one form or another. Sometimes you have to simply accept that the result is perfectly good. After surgeons reach their fifties they spend more time perfecting their work as opposed to trying to figure it out.

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